At Crossfade Design, we specialize in inventive solutions for your creative project. Our robust portfolio includes a wide-range of applications including live performances, television, motion picture and architecture/install projects. Our design team provides targeted solutions including kinetic (automated) architecture and scenic elements, lighting, multi-media creation, projection and LED video design, audio and production management – packaged in turn-key solutions.

While well-versed in the latest technology, our design partners have the creative training and production experience to integrate this technology in the most creative ways. Our design and support staff, programmers, production managers, video and graphic artists have years of experience on the highest-level projects. By partnering with Crossfade Design, you ensure your production will run smoothly from start to finish, combining the creative savvy and technological innovations you can only find in an industry leader.

At Crossfade Design, you will find a perfect combination of industry knowledge, innovation with high quality and cutting-edge design utilizing state-of-the-art products to support the experience.